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  • Board Meetings & Follow Up:  We will prepare for the Board Meeting including: agenda preparation; posting of notices and preparing detailed Board packets.  Regular post-meeting updates are provided to all Board Members
  • Review all contracts and insurance coverage annually
  • Monitor vendor performance
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service
  • Assist in creating the Annual Budget
  • Create Request for Proposals and obtain 3 bids from vendors for projects
  • Regularly Scheduled Property Inspections - Inspect buildings and common area monthly.  Work Orders will be created as needed based on conditions noted during inspections.   Homes will be inspected monthly, with letters sent as needed to the homeowner, including a picture of the violation (see technology below)
  • Collect assessments using advanced accounting software and an FDIC insured bank
  • Pay all Association bills in a timely manner using a state of the art on-line Accounts Payables Lockbox through Cadence Bank
  • On-line review of all invoices is available for Board Members.  This access provides transparency and allows Board Members to review and even approve invoices prior to payment
  • Post all late fees & interest when they become due (see technology below)
  • Process all delinquent accounts for collection as authorized by the Board of Directors
  • Prepare easy to read financials and provide a copy to Board Members on or before the 20th of each month
  • Provide detailed reports of delinquent and prepaid accounts
  • Assist the Association’s Attorney to process liens and foreclosures
 Creative Management has always been committed to acquiring the newest industry-specific technology.  We believe that Managers who are equipped with better technology can be more efficient and provide better service.  Documentation of records is another reason we are committed to technology.  Below are some ways we have integrated technology into the services we provide:
  • Smart Phones: Used in the field when performing inspections to document violations with pictures, as well as create Work Orders for staff or outside vendor.
  • Work Orders:  Used for delegating work to in-house staff or to assign to an outside vendor
  • On-line Invoice Processing: All invoices are processed on-line with vendors sending invoices directly to the bank, Manager review of invoice, coding and approval completed on-line, and Board Member approval (if desired) prior to release of payment.
  • Automated Collections:  Follow up actions are automated on delinquent accounts.  Never again will your Association miss posting late fees or interest to Owner’s accounts.  Late Notices and Intent to Lien letters are also scheduled in the automated system

Web Site (optional; extra fee)
Board Members can view all account balances, violations, ongoing board projects, accounts payable, etc.  Homeowners can view their personal accounts including: balances, violations and Architectural Request Applications.  All residents can see a calendar of events, forms, Community governing documents, etc.  

Creative Management
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New Port Richey, FL 34652
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