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Annual Performance Evaluation
We recently asked our Clients to evaluate our service to them and to express their satisfaction or lack thereof by completing a questionnaire.  The areas of the evaluation included Communication, Community Management, Accounting Services and Collection/Legal Services.  The results were tabulated and are listed below using a scale of 1 - 10 (1- Strongly Disagree/Worst  ---  10-Strongly Agree/Best):

Manager returns calls promptly                 9.4
Accounting staff returns calls promptly  9.2
Office staff accurately relays messages to the Manager 9.3
Emergency calls are returned promptly by on call personnel        9.8
Manager is available by phone when needed     9.3
My emails to the Manager are answered promptly          9.3
My emails to Accounting staff are returned promptly     9.2
Office staff greets me appropriately       9.9

Manager has a professional demeanor  9.9
Manager treats Board Members courteously      9.9
Manager treats homeowners courteously           9.7
Manager exhibits problem solving skills at meetings        9.4
Manager keeps Board Members appropriately informed              9.5
Manager provides a comprehensive Manager Report at meetings            9.6
Manager provides good advice to the Board at meetings              9.4
Manager follows up items in a timely manner     9.5
Manager follows up on meeting action items in a timely manner               9.5
Manager is on time to Board Meetings  9.8
Manager gets bids from vendors in a timely manner       9.2
Manager adequately enforces our deed restrictions       9.1

I receive my monthly Financial Reports in a timely manner           9.7
Financial Reports are complete and easy to read               9.6
Financial Reports are accurate    9.9
Obligations of the Association are paid on time 9.6
Amounts paid are recorded accurately  9.9
Obligations are paid from the correct account (Operating/Reserve)         9.9
Accounting staff are available to answer questions          10
Vendors are tracked for proper Insurance (liability & work comp)             9.9

Collections are timely enforced according to the Board’s policy 9.6
Accounting/Manager obtains timely answers from Attorney       9.8
Accounting/Manager keeps Board Members informed  9.8

How would you rate our overall knowledge?      9.4
How would you rate our overall attitude?             9.3
Overall rating?   9.6
Would you recommend us to your friends or colleagues?             9.6

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New Port Richey, FL 34652
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